A New Place for… Brazilian Groceries in Chicago

Well it may not be new, per se, it is new for us. Pepe’s Supermercado is a combo liquor and food store, with a Brazilian Grocery selection about equal to Brasil Legal, the Brazilian general store just down the street on Western, but with a much larger alcohol selection.

Pepe’s had a selection of Brazilian cookies, sodas and snacks as well as a refrigerator full of chouriço and caipury cheese. Needless to say, everything is a tad pricy, but is comparatively good. We found a bag of tapioca flour for 2 dollars cheaper than we found at Whole Foods. Forget about the Pao de Quiejo mixes – now we make our own from scratch.

Supermercado Pepe’s
2335 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL

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