Thailand: Rotis for Breakfast

Roti Mataba
136 Phra Athit Rd.
Banglamphu, Bangkok

When you are in a different country sometimes you have to do things a little differently…. M’s breakfast in the US usually consists of cereal, and L’s consists of a bagel. However while in Thailand we opted  for something a bit different (but still carbo-loaded) –  Rotis – a typical indian flatbread. Rotis, though native to India, are very popular as a street food in Thailand and there are ton of great places to sample them in Bangkok.

In the shadow of a whitewashed fort from the 17th century sits a tiny store manned by an industrious woman with a supernatural ability to turn out hundreds of rotis. The menu at the place, unsurprisingly was mainly rotis, which we dug, and all fr less than 100B (about 3 dollars).

Feeling unconventional, even at 9 AM, we opted for a sweet and savory mix: one chicken Curry roti and two others topped with chocolate sauce and condensed milk. The rotis were literally piping hot of the griddle and were presented to us in no time. The curry was a good mix of sweet and spicy, and the chocolate roti was perfect in its simplicity. Nothing like a little curry and chocolate for breakfast!

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