A Quick Bite At: Sunstream Cafe

Sunstream Cafe
2884 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94118

There is a something of a Brazilian enclave in San Francisco, and we found an outpost on Western Geary boulevard in the form of Sunstream Cafe, which was located right next to a Brazilian boutique hawking all manner of colorful beachwear, “Touch of Brazil.” We arrived at Sunstream a little past breakfast time, and still found a crowd noshing on pastries and milkshakes cheering on Brazil in a satellite-fed futebol match (see above). From the pastry case we ordered a Pao de Queijo, unfortunately a little past its prime, perhaps it would have held up better earlier in the morning. Much better was the fresh mango milkshake, which was full of mango flavor but not too cloyingly sweet. Another big seller among the expat crowd seemed to be the bowls of Açai (Açai na Tigela). Taste of Brazil was a good pit stop on the way to further travels, though perhaps not worth a large trek, and also a good place to brush up on Portuguese!

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