Photographing the Cuban Kitchen

Cuban Kitchen

A kitchen in Havana – photograph by Ellen Silverman

Photographer Ellen Silverman did a wonderful photo series called “Spare Beauty: The Cuban Kitchen,” documenting kitchens around Havana, Cuba, and NPR did a short piece about the project. I’m definitely impressed by the ingenuity and personality of these kitchens. You can see the entire photo series on Silverman’s website.


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2 responses to “Photographing the Cuban Kitchen

  1. My favorite kitchen was the one with the spiral staircase in it. I just discoverd your blog and self-imposed challenge. Superb idea! Can I search for Australian posts? I’m about to attempt to recreate my favorite Aussie sweet, The Vanilla Slice, which is as beautiful as it sounds. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Hi Whitney – thanks for writing – you inspired us to make a post on Aussie/Kiwi desserts! Now the tag for Australian posts should be visible in the tag cloud in the right side.

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