Brazil: Broa de Milho – Brazilian Cornbread

In Brazil, cornbread, known as Broa de Milho, often comes in cookie form (can’t complain about that), and is found pre-prepared in most grocery stores and bakeries. So if you’ve ever dreamed of snacking on some cornbread cookies with your tea, you’re in luck. The taste is not quite the same as US cornbread, and Broa de Milho have a more crumbly texture, less sweetness, and a shiny egg-wash finish. However, the one thing that really makes them stand out as true broa de milho vs. cornbread cookies is fennel seed (erva doce in Portuguese). There is a recipe in Portuguese to make broinhas “little breads” on Tudo Gostoso. The following English language recipe on From Brazil to You makes a monster-sized cookie/round, which is the traditional way to make broa, as opposed to in small cookie format. The name “Broa de Milho” may also refer to Portuguese Cornbread, which is more likely made in loaf form.

Broa de Milho from Bahia

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  1. I am Brazilian and also decendent of Portuguese. Just to let you know that Broa de Milho is traditionally made in “monster-size” as you referred. That is why you find it in a large size on The cookie-size is more a modern thing. In Brazil, it is often made with fennel seeds or guava paste while in Portugal is plain.

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