Military Chocolate on Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, I found this patriotic chocolate-themed ad from World War II-era Nestle. Hershey chocolate bars were part of the soldiers’ rations, however, they were made in special formulas specifically for nutritional needs and to withstand heat (meaning they didn’t taste as good). For example, the first military chocolate bar was called the “D. Ration” and was required to:

  • Weigh 4 ounces (112 g)
  • Be high in food energy value
  • Be able to withstand high temperature
  • Taste “a little better than a boiled potato”

World War II Magazine has an extensive feature about the wartime chocolate bars, including the fact that by the end of WWII, Hershey produced 40.2 million D Ration bars, and 380 million Tropical Chocolate Bars.

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