A Holiday Feast of the Seven Fishes

Feast of the Seven Fishes by Austin Kleon

It’s Christmas Eve – which means it’s time for the Feast of the Seven Fishes known as “festa dei sette pesci” in Italian or alternatively as “Vigilia (the Vigil).” We posted briefly on this topic previously, but we figured it would be a good time to expand upon it. The Feast of the Seven Fishes originates from the Catholic tradition of not eating meat on the eve of special holy days, where fish would be consumed instead. The tradition has especially caught on in Italian-American communities, and inventive menus including baccala, calamari, lobster, shrimp and more adorn many “7 Fishes” tables.

Along with the requisite assortment of fishes, sides of veggies and Christmastime desserts like struffoli complete the meal. Traditional or not, any fish dish is welcome at a modern-day feast of two fishes in America. Mario Batali has a traditional Italian menu featuring anchovies, clam and mussels. The Bite Sized blog is cooking their way through an eclectic Feast of the Seven Fishes including Oysters Rockefeller. For those among us who aren’t terribly fond of fish, Buzzfeed has a tongue-in-cheek version of the feast featuring Goldfish Crackers and Swedish Fish. We also like Meatballs and Milkshakes‘ take on the meal, opting for a small menu – doesn’t a bay scallop crudo sound nice?

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