Portuguese Pastry Post-Doc: Folhada / Pasteis de Tentúgal

 One lesser-known, but important, pastry in the Portuguese repertoire is the regional sweet called the Folhada de Tentúgal. The Folhada de Tentúgal is a puff pastry filled with ovos moles – the iconic Portuguese egg cream. Its origin is unknown, though it is local to the Tentúgal area, in the Coimbra district of Portugal, an area apparently very well known for their iconic Convent Sweets. Folhadas mean “puffs” in Portuguese, and this refers to the many layers of the puff pastry folded over the ovos moles to form the pastry packet. They are also known as Pasteis de Tentúgal, and we found many more references for them under that name. David Leite has a history of the sweet, as well as the tale of its modern-day revival. Here is a recipe in English. The treat was even a finalist for the “7 Gastronomical Wonders of Portugal” contest (losing out to the Pastel de Nata).

Folhada / Pasteis de Tentúgal

Folhada / Pasteis de Tentúgal from Fradinho in Mafra, Portugal

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