Ethiopia: Abyssinia Restaurant

Abyssina Restaurant
5842 North Broadway
Chicago, IL


We swear by Ethiopian Diamond. The restaurant just next door to Abyssinia has, for years, been our go-to Ethiopian place in the city. Its ample portions and wonderful spices never disappointed, and their tasty and delightfully spongy injera converted even some of our injera-hating friends. But, on a whim with friend, we decided to try Abyssinia. And when the meal was finished, we looked across the table at each other, and M said it: “This may sound sacrilegious. But this place might be better than Ethiopian Diamond.”


The menu at Ethiopian Diamond is slightly larger, but Abyssinia had all of the favorites as well as a few new other things to try. M went adventurous and had the gored gored, meat cubes, served rare and covered in spices. Health risks aside, raw meat has never tasted so good: a delectable and unique texture paired with a rich spice blend. Good as they were, the Ethiopian classic doro tibs stole the show: first-class chicken cuts, with sprigs of rosemary and green peppers, the flavors were much fuller and bolder than at Ethiopian Diamond, easily the best we’ve ever had. We also got stewed spinach, and a salad, which had better dressing than at Ethiopian Diamond. We finished off the meal with a full pot of Ethiopian coffee, which was excellent.


Overall, Abyssinia had slightly smaller portions (for the same price) than ED, and the injera was not as impressive (and at an Ethiopian place, it needs to be). But with that said, its flavors were more developed, bolder, and deeper than at ED, and when push comes to shove, we may have a new go-to Ethiopian place in Chicago.

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