Pastry Post-Doc in Brazil: Cuscuz

brazilWe were intrigued when we saw a food cart on our street in Rio selling “Cuscuz.” Cous cous, as it is known in English, is very popular in Brazil, due to the large amount of middle-eastern immigrants to Brazil. There are restaurants selling savory cuscuz throughout Brazil (especially in São Paulo) but this version with the same name is something different. More precisely, it is known as cuscuz Carioca or cuscuz tapioca. This sweet version consists of sticky tapioca, condensed milk and a topping of shaved coconut. For a mere R$ 1.50  (about $0.75), you get a little plastic box of cuscuz to go. Now, it is not the most attractive dish, but it sure is tasty, and perfect for an afternoon snack. Fans of tapioca pudding will go gaga for this Brazilian treat, one of the most emblematic Carioca street dishes. Here is an exceedingly simple recipe for cuscuz tapioca in Portuguese. Though you can make it at home, if you are in Rio you will never have to!


Cuscuz from Rio de Janeiro

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