A Taste of Uruguay in Rio: Barraca Do Uruguay

Barraca do Uruguay
Ipanema Beach Posto 9, Rio de Janeiro


In Rio, they say there are three things that define your Carioca identity. Your favorite soccer team, your favorite samba school, and the lifeguard “Posto” that marks your favorite beach spot along along Copacabana or Ipanema. Your chosen posto defines your personality (or at least your “beach personality”). Are you a tourist from a beach hotel? Posto 2 and 3. Family with kids? Posto 12. Intellectuals and beach bodies? Posto 9. But Posto 9 (the middle of Ipanema) is not just for intellectuals – it is the Posto to hit up for scrumptious Uruguayan sandwiches. You will know you are in the right place because you will see a large Uruguayan flag towering above the beach umbrellas.

Ipanema Beach - Uruguayan Flag

Uruguayan Flag Marks the Spot

Well, we didn’t know what to expect from an Uruguayan sandwich, but since this Barraca has been in business for 30 years we figured it was probably pretty good. There was a little selection of caiprinhas and beverages – and other salgadinhos for snacking – but the real draw is the sandwiches. It costs R$ 12 for beef (less for chicken) and more for a mix of meats. The sandwiches themselves are on the smaller side and come wrapped in wax paper to take back to your chair. The filling is a perfectly barbecued and marinated meat, with grilled onions and chimmichurri sauce on a hard roll.

Barraca do Uruguay

We found it – Barraca do Uruguay

We brought back our sandwich to our chairs and umbrella as we watched the sun start to set. The sandwich reminded us of some of the Argentinean churrasco we had sampled previously and the extra-tangy chimmichurri set the perfectly tended meat off perfectly. This was a great sandwich! Barraca do Uruguay is the perfect spot for a little heartier fare on one of the nicest stretches of beach in Rio. So kick back under your umbrella and enjoy some chimmichurri – life is good.

Uruguayan Sandwich

Uruguayan Steak Sandwich on Ipanema


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