Nutelleria – the all Nutella restaurant


germanyItalyIt is not a secret that we love Nutella. However, we are obviously not alone in our fandom of the Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread. The blog Pink Chocolate Break clued us into a new concept for the brand – 100% Nutella themed restaurants, called Nutelleria – now open in Bologna, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany. Perhaps unsurprisingly, typical fare at the Nutelleria includes Nutella-filled baguettes, croissants and crepes. Please Mind the Gap has a detailed report of a visit to the Nutelleria in Bologna. If only we had known to go there on our visit! Hopefully the Nutelleria concept will spread to other cities and maybe even other continents. We certainly think one would be welcome in Chicago.



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14 responses to “Nutelleria – the all Nutella restaurant

  1. I HAVE to make it there next time!!!

  2. lyann

    make a fking nutelleria in puerto rico!!! >_>!!! ❤

  3. Mariaa :)

    Open a nutelleria in PUERTO RICOOOO!

  4. martine slakmon

    bonjour je voudrais l adresse du magasin de Frankfurt merci

  5. Mariah

    Please open one in Las Vegas! We could definitely use one!

  6. kelly

    Please one in Ghana

  7. Kayla

    we need one in darwin, australia, it would be the best and every one up here loves nutella so it would be so handy!!

  8. Josephine ferraro

    Please open on in Melbourne australia

  9. Bianca

    is there one in london?

  10. ABS

    Do not exist anymore…

  11. Saraa

    Open one in Prague, Czech Republic please

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