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A Nutella Round-Up for Nutella Day


Happy World Nutella Day! We have written about several Nutella-concept shops throughout the world, and in honor of Nutella Day we wanted to do a little update on a few of these locations. We are sad to report that the Nutellerias  in Germany and Bologna may have closed, while there is a new Nutelleria location in Leiria, Portugal. Additionally, the Nutella concept store in NYC, which we first reported on in Fall 2014, now named Nuteria, has opened one location, and will soon open another [update: they are also being sued by Nutella’s parent company…]. If you are in the mood for some Nutella closer to home, there are certainly a lot of great recipes to tempt you, including these salted dark chocolate Nutella sandwich cookies from Faux Martha (pictured above). Nutella in both the cookie and the filling – seems pretty appropriate for Nutella Day. Or how about a Nutella babka?

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Nutelleria and Eatella, all-Nutella eateries to open in Brooklyn and Montreal

We wrote previously about the Nutelleria, an all-nutella eatery that has outposts in Frankfurt and Bologna. Now have come to find out that there is also a Nutelleria opening in Park Slope, Brooklyn. However, it is shrouded in mystery. Is it related to the other Nutellerias? Is it sanctioned by Ferrero (the makers of Nutella)? There is a similar mysterious buzz circling around Montreal’s soon-to-open Eatella. All we know if that neither of these places are planning to open a branch in Chicago (though Chicago’s Eataly does have a sanctioned Nutella bar) – and we need more Nutella options here, stat!



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Nutella Bar opens in NYC Eataly

With much fanfare, a Nutella bar has opened in the NYC Eataly. Well it isn’t quite a Nutelleria, but it is the closest thing to one on US shores. The Chicago Eataly already has a lovely Nutella bar (which was around since the grand opening of Eataly, unlike the NYC outpost), but it appears to be on a slightly smaller scale than the NYC Nutella bar, which has a towering wall of Nutella on one side (that is where the gelato stand is in the Chicago Eataly). So what can you get at a Nutella bar? The menu is the same as in Chicago: pastries and bread slathered in Nutella, alongside Nutella crepes, ranging in price from $2.80 to $5.80. Without a doubt, the success of the Chicago Eataly’s Nutella bar was inspiration to Eataly impresarios Bastianich and Batali to transport the concept to NYC. After all, who doesn’t love Nutella!?


Nutella Bar in NYC by Eater NY


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Nutelleria – the all Nutella restaurant


germanyItalyIt is not a secret that we love Nutella. However, we are obviously not alone in our fandom of the Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread. The blog Pink Chocolate Break clued us into a new concept for the brand – 100% Nutella themed restaurants, called Nutelleria – now open in Bologna, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany. Perhaps unsurprisingly, typical fare at the Nutelleria includes Nutella-filled baguettes, croissants and crepes. Please Mind the Gap has a detailed report of a visit to the Nutelleria in Bologna. If only we had known to go there on our visit! Hopefully the Nutelleria concept will spread to other cities and maybe even other continents. We certainly think one would be welcome in Chicago.



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