Dining on the Lagoa in Rio: Quiosque Arab

Quiosque Arab
Avenida Borges de Medeiros
Parque dos Patins, Quiosque 7
Rio de Janeiro

brazilThe Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas (most commonly known just as “Lagoa” or “Lake) in the Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful place to hang out on a nice day. There is a trail around the lake, paddle boats for rent, and of course, a nice activity is simply watching the sunset over the lake. There are many restaurants surrounding the lake as well as many smaller open-air kiosks – “quiosques” in Portuguese. They range from simple beach-food vendors to full-service restaurants that just happen to be open-air. One such restaurant is called Quiosque Arab, the sister restaurant to the fancier (indoor) Restaurant Arab in Copacabana (Avenida Atlântica 1936), which as one might guess, serves Middle-Eastern food. The Quiosque is a pretty extensive affair, with a large number of tables, and a complete blanketing of big green umbrellas.


The view from the Lagoa

There was a pretty extensive menu at the Quiosque, with a large amount of Arab appetizers including, kibbe, esfihas, breads, hummus and salads. There was also a full menu of entrees, which was heavy on kebabs and beef and rice dishes. M ordered the chicken kebab (R$ 45), which was served with tomato-y rice and tabbouleh. L ordered the Falafel Sandwich – (R$ 26). The char-grilled kebab was flavorful, and with a generous potion, however there was so much rice it seemed to be a filler to make up for a lack of other sides. The falafel itself was tasty, heavy on parsley flavor, and slathered with a generous helping of hummus, though the pita itself did not hold up (literally) to its fillings. If we ever visit again we might partake in the tea service – which looked delicious (and included cookies).

Lagoa Food

Kebab entree + View of the Lagoa

The food at the Quiosque was very good, but it goes without saying that you are paying for the view. But it is quite a view, especially as you watch the sun set over Cristo Redentor. On some nights there is also live music starting at 9 PM and the lake takes on a club-like atmosphere until the late hour of 3 AM on weekends. For early-birds the restaurant opens every day at 9 AM, where you can get an Arab breakfast (Café da manhã árabe) for R$ 36. We would recommend Quiosque Arab for a light lunch or dinner, since the prices will add up pretty quickly of you try to eat heartily.

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