To do this weekend: Nosh, a weekly food festival in Wicker Park

Chicago is a city known for its festivals, and nearly every weekend throughout the summer you can expect to see multiple events dedicated to food, booze, music or any combination of the three. Enter Nosh, one of the city’s newest food festivals. Any weekend fair with a food theme is sure to attract us, and unlike most other festivals in Chicago, there is no entrance fee to visit Nosh.


The goal of Nosh is to showcase a rotating selection of Chicago food producers, restaurants and food trucks (check out all vendors here). Much like Taste of Chicago, each booth sells several signature items, at varying price points, and many of the dishes are available for less than $5. The Nosh fair is located in the parking lot of Pritzker elementary school, and is going on every Saturday 11-6 until October.


On the day we visited, there was a wide selection of different cuisines represented, from Mexican (Cherubs) to Vegan Ice Cream (Robin’s) to Indonesian (The Rice Table). Two food trucks were also present on our visit: The Eastman Egg Company and Da Lobsta. Since it is located on school property, there is no alcohol, but you could buy a selection of Filbert’s soda, Horchata and Lemonade. There was even live music when we visited. Nosh is definitely a fun way to spend a nice Saturday, and is also very family friendly. Go visit before Summer is through!


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