The weirdest fruit tree in Brazil: Jaboticaba

brazilTrying to describe a Jaboticaba/Jabuticaba tree to someone who has never seen one is a particularly humorous and futile task. While the fruit of the Jaboticaba itself is not that visually unusual, resembling and tasting like a large black grape or a small plum – the fashion in which it grows is quite unusual – with the fruit attaching directly to the trunk and the branches of the tree. Jaboticaba is very popular in Brazil, and you will often see it as a flavoring for sweets or as a jam. We first saw a Jaboticaba tree in the courtyard of the restaurant Paraíso Tropical, in Salvador, Brazil where it was practically dropping fruit onto our table. “It looks diseased” was the succinct response of one of our American friends after we showed them a picture of a Jaboticaba tree. We have never seen Jaboticaba fruit sold outside of Brazil, and they apparently have a very short shelf-life, so you just may have to travel there to enjoy it!


Jaboticaba tree at Paraiso Tropical restaurant in Bahia

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