Venezuelan Hallacas For Christmas

VenezuelaChristmas food is all about comfort, and nothing is more comforting than tamales! Venezuela has their own special Christmas dish that is a close cousin of the Mexican tamal, the hallaca. A mix of European, African and Indigenous foodways, hallacas consist of masa steamed in a plantain leaf, filled with a mixture of beef, pork, chicken and olives. If you are really planning to have a big nochebuena dinner, here is a recipe to make 50 hallacas, or a slightly more modest 25. The tradition of making hallacas at Christmastime has also spread to Trinidad and Aruba, both of which are very close to the Venezuelan coast.

Venezuelan Hallacas

Venezuelan Hallacas by Alejandro Angel

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  1. one of my favorite things to eat. I’m venezuelan, so I might be biased 🙂 but it is truly a wonderful and unique dish.

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