Macaroons AND Macarons for Passover

We love macarons, but the similar-sounding coconut macaroons don’t get much press on this blog. We know they are often confused with each other, even among foodies, with macroons being a coconut cookie, and macarons being a more delicate French sandwich cookie made of almond flour. As you can see, the double O really makes a world of difference. During Passover there is a prohibition against foods made with leavened flours and sometimes even corn products, according to tradition, limiting dessert options somewhat, which turned our attention to both macarons/macaroons. Macaroons, made primarily with coconut, meet this Passover dietary requirement, and due to how easy they are to make, they are really popular – even iconic – at the American Passover table. When invited to bring a snack to an event during Passover, I have often turned to coconut macaroons myself. Dan Cohen opines on the coconutty treat (and provides a recipe) in his macaroon bible, and more recipes abound online.


However, due to my focus on macaroons, I overlooked an equally suitable option – the 1-O French macaron. Macarons are made with almond flour, and not wheat, which makes them appropriate for Passover, though almond flour is unusual enough to make it a little difficult to find. The New York Times has a recipe for Kosher-for-passover macarons here, and they sound delicious. Though the 2-O macaroons are more common in America, the 1-O variety would be perfectly at home at the Passover table as well. Why not try something different?

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