Thanksgiving recipes for every state in the US

USA-flagThanksgiving is right around the corner in the US. Have you done your last minute planning and grocery shopping? We haven’t! There’s still time though, and plenty of inspiration out there for some tasty dishes. Though the traditional thanksgiving dinner is usually centered on turkey, you can really go outside the box, especially with sides. The New York Times recently posted a list of recipes, one for each state, inspired by local tastes and ingredients (purportedly). Some of the choices are pretty obvious like venison for Montana, through other choices have attracted some ridicule, like grape salad for Minnesota, which earned a slew of counter-articles. While the selection for pumpkin soup for Illinois is okay, we are personally eyeing the lobster mac n cheese from Maine. Annie’s Eats has a lovely recipe, pictured below, for another lobster mac option. Mac and Cheese itself is pretty all-American, given that its predecessor was first brought to the US by Thomas Jefferson. What do you think about the recipe choice for your state?

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac and Cheese by Annie

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