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Thanksgiving recipes for every state in the US

USA-flagThanksgiving is right around the corner in the US. Have you done your last minute planning and grocery shopping? We haven’t! There’s still time though, and plenty of inspiration out there for some tasty dishes. Though the traditional thanksgiving dinner is usually centered on turkey, you can really go outside the box, especially with sides. The New York Times recently posted a list of recipes, one for each state, inspired by local tastes and ingredients (purportedly). Some of the choices are pretty obvious like venison for Montana, through other choices have attracted some ridicule, like grape salad for Minnesota, which earned a slew of counter-articles. While the selection for pumpkin soup for Illinois is okay, we are personally eyeing the lobster mac n cheese from Maine. Annie’s Eats has a lovely recipe, pictured below, for another lobster mac option. Mac and Cheese itself is pretty all-American, given that its predecessor was first brought to the US by Thomas Jefferson. What do you think about the recipe choice for your state?

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac and Cheese by Annie

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The origins of Macaroni and Cheese and Thomas Jefferson

In honor of Presidents Day – we decided to share a little bit of presidential food lore – according to food legend Macaroni and cheese was popularized in America by none other than Thomas Jefferson. Of course, macaroni and cheese, or as it was known then (simply as Macaroni) was very different than its modern-day counterpart, and consisted with pasta layered with butter and cheese. Jefferson didn’t invent Macaroni and Cheese, as similar recipes were already known in Europe, but he was one of the dish’s popularizers in the United States after he first sampled it in Europe. There is actually a historical record for Thomas Jefferson’s foodie discovery, he was fond of pasta and even requested a pasta machine from Europe, which was listed in his list of possessions moved from Philadelphia to Monticello, and he certainly served Macaroni at official functions. Macaroni and cheese is purported to have been served by Jefferson as early as 1802, and it appeared in the 1824 Virginia Housewife cookbook, recipe adapted here. So for helping to bring Macaroni and Cheese to the USA, we say, thank you Thomas Jefferson!

Virginia Housewife Mac and Cheese

Recipe for Macaroni and Cheese from the Virginia Housewife Cookbook, 1824


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