Pfeffernüsse / Pepernoden for St. Nicholas Day, Sinterklaas/Nikolaustag

germanyNetherlands flagIt’s a rule – there is nothing we like more than baking treats for any associated holiday, American and international alike. St. Nicholas Day is coming up soon – December 6th, and in some European countries, it is a HUGE holiday complete with feasts, cookies, and having St. Nicholas fill your shoes with candy. One of the St. Nicholas Day treats that has traversed many borders and become something of a holiday staple is the German Pfeffernüsse cookie (which literally translates to “pepper nut”) which show up all around Central and Northern Europe this time of year. Similar cookies are called Pepernoden in the Netherlands and Pebernodder in Sweden. We even found a Swiss version of Pfeffernüsse in New Glarus, Wisconsin (see below). Pfeffernüsse are super easy to make and have a spiced, gingerbread-like flavor, sometimes coated in powdered sugar or glazed. The Austin Statesman has an interesting story about unearthing a heritage family Pfeffernüsse recipe and Saveur has a recipe that includes a rum glaze. We even saw a version at Trader Joe’s in the holiday special section, if you’re looking for an extra-quick treat.


Pfeffernusse in New Glarus, Wisconsin

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