Candied Apples Around the World

Candy Apples by

Candy Apples by Andrea Williams

Candied apples are an ubiquitous sight during autumn in the US – whether covered in a red shell or hard toffee – you are sure to see a permutation of them at any pumpkin patch, hayride or Halloween event. In the UK they are a popular treat on Bonfire night – Guy Fawkes’ Day. Though they seem like a timeless treat, candied applies were invented only at the turn of the 20th century. The “red” coating is usually cinnamon flavored – and you can DiY your own apples by using “Red Hot” candies. British-style toffee apples can be made simply as well, using golden syrup.  However, the candied or toffee apple is not just an Anglo-American thing. Dipping apples or apple-like fruits in sweet coating is popular around the world. In France and Brazil the same candy-coated fruit is called an “Apple of Love.” We were especially interested in the Northern Chinese Tanghulu, which are small fruits on a stick dipped in candy coating in the same method as candied apples. You can make Tanghulu with any fruit – even strawberries – sounds like a perfect Halloween snack to me!


Tanghulu in China by Joni Kong

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