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Candied Apples Around the World

Candy Apples by

Candy Apples by Andrea Williams

Candied apples are an ubiquitous sight during autumn in the US – whether covered in a red shell or hard toffee – you are sure to see a permutation of them at any pumpkin patch, hayride or Halloween event. In the UK they are a popular treat on Bonfire night – Guy Fawkes’ Day. Though they seem like a timeless treat, candied applies were invented only at the turn of the 20th century. The “red” coating is usually cinnamon flavored – and you can DiY your own apples by using “Red Hot” candies. British-style toffee apples can be made simply as well, using golden syrup.  However, the candied or toffee apple is not just an Anglo-American thing. Dipping apples or apple-like fruits in sweet coating is popular around the world. In France and Brazil the same candy-coated fruit is called an “Apple of Love.” We were especially interested in the Northern Chinese Tanghulu, which are small fruits on a stick dipped in candy coating in the same method as candied apples. You can make Tanghulu with any fruit – even strawberries – sounds like a perfect Halloween snack to me!


Tanghulu in China by Joni Kong

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Parkin Cake for Guy Fawkes Night

united_kingdomThe end of October/start of November is full of holidays, but one that certainly has not caught on in the US is Guy Fawkes Night/Day. This day is a celebrated in England, and celebrates the capture of Guy Fawkes on November 5th, 1605, who was part of a plot to blow up the House of Lords, and therefore killing King James as well. In honor of this foiled plot and the survival of the King, bonfires are lit and effigies of Guy Fawkes are paraded around in celebration every November 5th. Though the bonfire is fun, the tasty treats that follow the celebration is even more fun. One of the traditional treats is Parkin cake, a gingerbread-like sweet oatmeal cake that originated in the North of England. The cake also contains Golden Syrup, a sweet syrup that is a favorite in the UK, but pretty much unknown in the US, though it is similar to corn syrup. Honest Cooking has a good-looking Parkin cake recipe, and British Food: A History insists that Golden Syrup is a must for an authentic Parkin cake!

Parkin Cake

Parkin Cake by Edd Kimber

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