Our Favorite Cafe in Salvador, Bahia: Cafe Terrasse

brazilToday is Brazilian Independence Day, which is making us nostalgic for our time in Brazil. If there is one place we miss most from our time in Salvador, it is Café Terrasse (Ladeira da Barra, 401, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil). We can not think of a better place to enjoy a cup of coffee, in all of Brazil (or anywhere else for that matter). Check out the view below and you’ll know why we’re having saudades. Cafe Terrasse is located inside the Aliança Francesa da Bahia in the Barra neighborhood of Salvador. We did not even know it existed on our first visit to Salvador, and it definitely made our second trip infinitely better (we visited at least once a week).cafeview2

Cafe Terrasse is open every day of the week 10 AM – 9 PM, and there is something for everyone there, though the main attraction is the view. The best seats are of course along the edges of the patio, which directly overlook the Bay of All Saints (these fill first), though the entire cafe offers lovely views. As in any Brazilian cafe, there is no time limit, so feel free to hang out a while until a prime ocean spot opens up. The restaurant itself is completely open-air, though there is an awning over some of the seating with a large range of books to enjoy. There is also free wifi if you want to get some studying in alongside the French students, but who wants to stare at a screen?


There are plenty of Brazilian and continental food and drinks to enjoy with your view, and a surprisingly complete menu. Our favorite was the executive lunch special, which gives you a huge amount of food for less than $8 (above are the lunch specials of BBQ chicken and an omelette). The menu changes daily, and there is a sizable array of acai bowls, breads, as well as sweet and savory crepes. You can also get slices of cake, the variety of which rotates daily, including apple and chocolate.


There are a wide variety of coffee drinks and juices on the menu – and everything comes served in a large glass carafe, as “fun” coffee in Brazil often is. You can get a simple macchiato or latte, but also complex smoothies or confections with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. You can also buy a glass of wine or an Irish coffee , if you are in the mood for something a little stronger. We could sit for hours at Cafe Terasse and if you ever find yourself in Salvador, we urge you to do the same.

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