Pastry Post-Doc: Dutch Taai-taai cookies for St. Nicholas Day

Netherlands flagOne of the most recognizable Dutch cookies is speculaas – and we are definitely fans of these cinnamon and nutmeg spiced cookies. Speculaas are particularly popular in the Netherlands around St. Nicholas’ Day/Sinterklaas, which falls on December 6th, but so is another lesser known cookie to Americans – the Taai Taai. Taai Taai are Dutch anise-spiced cookies, similar in flavor to speculaas, but with more of a cake-like texture. The name “Taai” comes from the Dutch word for “tough,” and was given due to the chewy texture of the cookie. Taai taai are popularly made in molds in the shape of people, especially in the shape of St. Nicholas himself. Even if you don’t have the molds, Taai Taai cookies are easy to make, and for a shortcut, you can buy pre-mixed spice. Here are a few Taai-Taai recipes from Dutchie Baking, Honest Cooking and the Dutch Table.


Taai Taai Cookies by Turku Gingerbread


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2 responses to “Pastry Post-Doc: Dutch Taai-taai cookies for St. Nicholas Day

  1. I looooove taai taai. And speculaas, we actually eat it all year round!! PS, not to be nitpicky, but speculoos is Belgian and tastes slightly different from our speculaas. It’s got fewer spices or something, but it’s tasty nonetheless. 🙂

  2. Hi Jaklien – thanks for your comments – I have updated the entry!

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