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Bobici for All Souls’ Day in Croatia

Flag_of_Croatia.svgOne of our favorite holidays of the year is All Saints’ Day / All Souls’ Day (Celebrated as Dia de Los Muertos in Latin America), and we love the tradition of honoring departed loved ones not with sadness and tears, but with food and festivities. We are branching out a little bit from our typical coverage of Italy and Latin America this year to a traditional treat for All Souls’ Day in Croatia, bobici (which translates to little broad beans). These simple almond, cherry and lemon cookies are traditionally given out as treats on All Saints’ Day for wishes of a long life. They also have roots in the Italian fave dei morti cookies, from when the Venetians ruled the Dalmatian Croatia. You can check out recipes for Bobici from Plates n Planes and Adriatic Figs (below).


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As the World Cup opens, we celebrate Croatian Pršut!

Flag_of_Croatia.svgIn just a few hours, the 2014 World Cup will open in São Paulo as the heavily favored Seleção take the field against Croatia. Over the next month, we will be highlighting some of our favorite Brazilian dishes and food experiences, as well as stories from some of the competing nations. But today, we felt it appropriate to pay a small homage to Croatia, Brazil’s sacrificial ham (get it?) Italian prosciutto, born just across the Adriatic sea, is beloved in Croatia, where it is known as pršut. Of course, Croatians have put their own unique spins on the classic delicacy. Native to the western Croatia region of Istria, which is near the Italian border, pršut is generally similar to Italian preparations, but Istrians remove skin and fat, and replace it with salt, spices, and other herbs. But go further down the Dalmatian coast, and pršut – shock of shocks – is generally not dried but smoked, with the flavor accented by the air from nearby mountains and fields. Having never been to Croatia, and of course being big fans of dried cured ham, we would love to try both varieties. Maybe the Croatian national football team will bring some to their match in a few hours? The afterparty would be fun!

Dalmatinski pršut (Dalmatian prosciutto) on racks. Via vvv

Dalmatinski pršut (Dalmatian prosciutto) drying after being smoked (Via Diaspora Diaries)


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Povitica: Eastern European Sweet Bread

SlovenianFlagFlag_of_Croatia.svgWithin the past week, we have come across references to Povitica at least three times, which seems like quite a lot given the fact that until now we had NEVER heard of it at all. Povitica (aka Potica) is a sweet yeasted bread, rolled with fillings like sugar, poppyseeds, nuts and sometimes chocolate. You can see this especially when you get a swirly slice/cross-section of Povitica. It also known in the US simply, a perhaps a little boringly, as “nut roll.”  The name Povitica comes from a Slovenian word, poviti,  meaning “to wrap in,” though the bread or similar varieties are found throughout Central and Eastern Europe, especially in Croatia and Slovenia. Brownie Bites has a recipe for nutty Povitica, and Serious Eats has a recipe for Chocolate and Walnut Povitica, which seems especially delicious.


Povitica by Tina Marie

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Global Easter Recipe Roundup

Easter may be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make holiday-themed food (and we aren’t going to be retiring our Peeps-shaped muffin pan). In that spirit, we have a roundup of some international carb-heavy Easter recipes for your enjoyment.

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