Mexico: Paleteria La Monarca

With the arrival of September I’ve seen my fair share of articles proclaiming the end of Summer – but I’m not ready to let it go yet. In hon,or of the continuation of Summer (I have until the 21st, darnit!) the eaters ventured out to Paletria La Monarca (6955 N Clark St, Chicago, IL) an ice cream / Mexican popsicle store on north Clark street. We had driven by the Paletertia’s iconic green popsicle time so so so so many times while driving down Clark, but, always on the way to another location, we never stopped in. But we do love our paletas, so we knew we would get there eventually. Today was the day! The Paleteria did not disappoint, with a selection of about a dozen ice cream flavors and 25 ice and milk paletas ranging from mango to coconut to chocolate. We opted for a lime paleta, which even contained real chunks of lime despite being neon green. At less than a dollar each – how in the world can you beat that on a hot Summer’s day.


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