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Introducing Paleta Press


Happy 2016, everyone! A new year brings new adventures, and I am excited to introduce a new project I have been working on related to food and travel: Paleta Press. Paleta Press is a letterpress and graphic design studio I started in late 2015, which features cards and posters that are influenced by both travel (as in the Portuguese azulejo card above) and food. If you like pie, check out my Peace, Love & Pie card or my international foods series featuring horchata, tacos and cerveza (or cerveja). You can check out more Paleta Press products on my Etsy shop and learn more about the press at Paletapress.com. Stay tuned for more adventurous, food-centric cards in the coming year!

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Icy International Treats for the 4th of July in Chicago


There is nothing better than cooling off on a warm day than with an icy treat! On 4th of July’s pasts we were partial to the classic Good Humor Chocolate Eclairs, but now we enjoy a wider variety of treats. If you live in Chicago, you are lucky enough to have a wide variety of international scoop shops serving up icy treats, especially Mexican paleterias. Our friend Nissa sent us this great link from Chicago Magazine about icy international treats in the city, representing India, Argentina and beyond. Now you will have no excuse not to have some sweet (cold) treats this weekend!

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Enough Popsicle and Paleta Recipes to Last the Whole Summer

We recently bought new popsicle molds, and we are excited to make some recipes. We are especially fond of Mexican-style popsicles, paletas, which often combine sweet and spicy flavors. In honor of our new popsicle/paleta maker, we curated a collection of pop recipes from simple to avant-garde. The first recipe we made was yogurt and black raspberry (very similar to this recipe). We pretty much winged it and the result was great – so just let these recipes be a jumping off point for inspiration. Anything goes!

Paleteria in Texas

Paleteria in Texas, by Steve Snodgrass

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Mexico: Paleteria La Monarca

With the arrival of September I’ve seen my fair share of articles proclaiming the end of Summer – but I’m not ready to let it go yet. In hon,or of the continuation of Summer (I have until the 21st, darnit!) the eaters ventured out to Paletria La Monarca (6955 N Clark St, Chicago, IL) an ice cream / Mexican popsicle store on north Clark street. We had driven by the Paletertia’s iconic green popsicle time so so so so many times while driving down Clark, but, always on the way to another location, we never stopped in. But we do love our paletas, so we knew we would get there eventually. Today was the day! The Paleteria did not disappoint, with a selection of about a dozen ice cream flavors and 25 ice and milk paletas ranging from mango to coconut to chocolate. We opted for a lime paleta, which even contained real chunks of lime despite being neon green. At less than a dollar each – how in the world can you beat that on a hot Summer’s day.


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