The National Dish of Cameroon: Ndolé

CameroonCameroon is playing its second match in the World Cup today so we thought we’d do a little research into the country’s cuisine, which is characterized by indigenous ingredients and a prevalent French influence. Ndolé is the national dish of Cameroon, it consists of ground nuts, ndolé leaves (aka bitter leaves – which give the dish their name) and either fish or beef. You can even add some shrimp, which seems appropriate since that is where the country got its name, from them Portuguese word for shrimp – Camerões! Sounds delicious! African Bites has a great recipe for Ndolé, and if you are unable to find Ndolé leaves you can use spinach or kale, as in this beautifully-illustrated Wandecrush recipe.

Ndole in Cameroon

Ndole in Cameroon by Joel Abroad

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