Ramma: Vegetarian-friendly in Salvador, Bahia

brazilWe visited Ramma Cozinha Natural (Lorde Cochrane, 76 – Barra, Salvador – BA, 40140-070) so many times when we were in Salvador, it’s a great surprise that we never wrote up a post about it (seems like a lifetime ago!). Brazil is a country crazy for meat, and on top of that, Bahia is a state that loves fried foods and heavy palm oil – well, so do we, but sometimes you need a little something different. That’s where Ramma comes in, offering a vegetarian and gluten-free-friendly oasis in the thick of it all. Like many casual spots in Brazil, Ramma is a kilo restaurant, which means you select your food and, pay buy the pound. Check out our complete guide to eating in a kilo restaurant, and don’t be intimidated!Ramma3

Some Brazilian dishes on offer, like Couve Mineira are in fact vegetarian, but Ramma branches out to global dishes, alongside Northeastern Brazilian classics like Vatapá (bread, dried shrimp and palm oil) and Caruru (okra stew), made in a fresh manner. We loved their caprese salad and daily assortment of quiches (mushroom, asparagus, etc.), as well as more unusual items like satay chicken, veggie lasagna, salmon teriyaki or cauliflower curry. The nice thing about Ramma, and at many kilo restaurants in general, is that there is something different every day. We visited several times in a week and had something different every time. Ramma1 You can also get a wide selection of natural juices (watermelon, lime, orange, etc.) and desserts for an additional per-item fee. Just because you are at at a “healthy” restaurant doesn’t mean you have to forego sweets – we especially enjoyed their banana cake. Ramma was one of our favorite places to eat in Salvador, and there was always something fresh and delicious on every trip. Plus, there is a little shop near the cash register where you can buy organic teas and other natural items that are harder to find in Salvador. So if you are feeling like you need a bit of a lighter meal after indulging in all of Salvador’s luxurious moquecas, definitely give Ramma a try. Ramma2


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