Pistacia Vera – the best Macarons in Columbus

francePistacia Vera ( 541 S 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215) in the quaint German Village neighborhood of Columbus is an immaculate example of a neighborhood French bakery. There are cases and shelves full of any number of dazzling French pastries and cakes, and hoards of Columbusites of all walks of life noshing on coffee and perfect croissants and quiches. We knew we were going to be spending some time here – especially when we got a tip that the macarons on offer were second-to-none.VeraMacaronsThe other thing that surprised us was the reasonable price – macarons were only $1.75 apiece. Macarons come in a variety of rotating, seasonal flavors including: the location-appropriate Buckeye, pistachio, brown butter and almond, rose, fig, chocolate orange, and passion fruit (among others). The range of flavors was impressive and we liked the nod to the classic chocolate/peanut butter combo of the chocolate Buckeye (which is ubiquitous as a flavor combo in these parts, and also the mascot of Ohio State). The macarons were delicate and crisp on the outside, and the fillings were fresh and flavorful. We were really impressed!PisticiaVeraAssuming you can take your eyes off the macarons, you can also enjoy classic French delights like croissants, pain au chocolate, palmiers, madeleines and canelés, alongside cinnamon rolls and chocolate buttermilk cake. If you are looking to turn your visit into more of a complete brunch, they also have simple breakfasts like yogurt and granola along with a full range of espresso and tea drinks. We really enjoyed both the iced chai and mocha (now that it is becoming iced coffee weather again, this is particularly relevant information).CroissantsIn terms of more composed desserts, Pisticia Vera had something for any special occasion, or just for a treat (you could get a whole cake or just a slice). Of particular note were the chocolate mousse and caramel feuilletine with peanut butter wafers ($6 mini / $39 large) and the chocolate bombe (seen below)- a striking confection made with chocolate buttermilk cake layered with marsala mousse and covered in chocolate ganache. For fruit lovers there are also amazing-looking tarts like the pear/cranberry frangipane, rhubarb or lemon ($5 slice / $30 tart).BombeWe had been searching for the perfect macarons, and these are the best we’ve had in Ohio, by far. However, the macarons just scratch the surface of the decadent treats that Pistacia Vera has to offer. We look forward to trying their more substantial brunch menu. And, importantly, the coffee is good, too! If you have a sweet tooth and are in Columbus you absolutely must visit – a special trip may even be in order.Buckeye


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2 responses to “Pistacia Vera – the best Macarons in Columbus

  1. You made a trip to Columbus! Yay! Pistacia Vera is a new one (to me at least). Will try when we venture east this summer.

  2. Yes we finally got to Columbus! The food scene is booming and we were also impressed by the many African food options. If you are in the mood for sweet Pistacia Vera is a must-try!

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