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Australian Food Adventures

AustraliaThings have been a bit quiet here, because we have recently moved, and we are going to Australia in a few days! We are excited to experience several different cities in Australia, from the cosmopolitan restaurant scene in Sydney to the night markets of Darwin. Leading up to our trip, we have been trying to learn more about Australian food (we do know that they love savory pies)! While in Sydney, we are excited to try Din Tai Fung, and all the laksa (Malaysian noodle curry, pictured below) we can eat. We are also reading up on the latest directions in Australian food, and what makes Australian food Australian. See you in August!


Chicken Laksa at MaMa Laksa House in The Grace Hotel, Sydney by Stilgherrian


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Help us with Peru food and dining suggestions!

peruWe are about to embark on a 10-day-long trip to Peru in July, and we are so excited to see the sights, but we are even more excited about the food, which has long been one of our favorites (particularly for M). However, we are feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the choices for food options, especially in Lima, where we are looking forward to an abundance of ceviche. So we are asking you, dear readers, what are your favorite places to eat in Peru (in Lima, Cusco and the Sacred Valley)? Where (or what) should we avoid? We are thinking of one fancy meal – do you have any favorites? Thanks in advance for your help!


Ceviche at Gaston Acurio’s Tanta in Chicago

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Drawn the Road Again: A Visual Travel Blog


Drawn the Road Again is an amazing blog of Chandler O’Leary’s travel sketchbooks created while criss-crossing the USA. But perhaps sketchbook is a misleading term, since each one of these Moleskine and Watercolor creations looks like a little work of art. Though this is not mainly a food blog, naturally there are many posts that touch on food, such as a visit to Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia, our favorite! (above and below images), the peach orchards of the Columbia River Gorge in Washington State, and the culinary delights of Dogpatch, San Francisco. We’re looking forward to the next trip.chandler_oleary_franklin_fountain3-720x543

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